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Top 5 Questions To Ask On An Interview

by Jobs 4 Grads Now

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Now its time to play stump the interviewer and ask questions like a game show. Just kidding. But it is time to ask questions that show the interviewer that you are focused, prepared and committed.

An interview should be like a two-way street where questions and answers flow back and forth between interviewer and interviewee. You’ll know when it’s appropriate for you to ask questions — or your interviewer may ask if you have any questions for him or her. So, be prepared. You must have questions. Here are 5 questions you should ask in your initial interview that will help you to decide if this opportunity is for you as well as impress the interviewer. Wow, that’s a two for one.

No. 1 – “What can I do to make your job easier?”

Asking this questions goes a long way in sharing with the employer that you are making his decision a smart one. Why do employers hire? To make their jobs easier.

No. 2 – “What would you expect me to accomplish in my first three months on the
job that would validate your decision to hire me?”

Listen and then repeat what they said. Example: “That’s terrific. You have just described my abilities to a tee.”

No. 3 – “If I give a 110% and are one of your best employees, where can I be with your company in three to five years?”

This shows that you are thinking long term and are willing to do what it takes
to be successful.

No. 4 – “What do you like most about working here?”

This question gives you an opportunity to gain more common denominators and insight on the company.

And, No.5 … “What will be the biggest challenge in this position?” Listen and then give one or two solutions.

Be sure to write these questions down and have them easily accessible so when your chance to switch from interviewee to interviewer presents itself, you’ll be ready. Trust me, the hiring manager will be impressed.

Now that we know what questions to ask in an interview, maybe we should take a look at what not to ask.

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