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Job Search System

Quinnipiac University’s Career Services Office has partnered with Jobs 4 Grads Now to offer students access, at no direct expense to the student, to an interactive 10 step system that takes the guesswork out of finding a job. The system includes workshops on virtually every aspect of the job search process. From identifying your ideal job to writing a stellar resume to developing exceptional interviewing skills, these 10 steps are designed to guide you through a structured process of acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in your own job search.

Jobs 4 Grads Now uses a fun, interactive format where you can design your own virtual office space, which becomes the hub for coordinating a successful job search campaign. If you wish, you can enable a game function and receive points for completing stages and even purchase items for your virtual office.

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10 Step Topics Are:

1. Assessing Who You Are

2. Resumes and Cover Letters

3. Motivating Yourself for the Job Search

4. Making Effective Use of the Telephone

5. Traditional Networking

6. Social Networking

7. Prepping for the Interview

8. Game On! The Interview

9. Following Up and Beyond

10. The Job Offer

This 10 step system is produced by one of the top career coaching firms in the country and are guaranteed to better prepare you for that all-important job hunt.

How to Register or Log In

1. Obtain your Quinnipiac University’s ‘Coupon Code” from the Quinnipiac University Career Services Office.

2. Click “Register” at the top of this page.

3. On the Sign Up page, fill in the information and then place your Coupon Code in the box marked “Coupon”.

4. Make sure to check the box “I agree to the terms of usage”

5. Then click “Continue”

6. You will then be redirected to a page titled “Seeker Registration”

7. Use the exact same information you used on the 1st registration page.

8. Then click “register”

9. You are now on a page titled “Sign In”. Enter your username and password and click “Sign In”

If you have already registered and have a username and password, then simply click “Login” at the top of this page to begin.

If you have questions about your job search or would like to meet with a career counselor, please contact the Quinnipiac University Career Services Office at:

Quinnipiac University

Career Services Office

275 Mount Carmel Avenue

Hamden, CT. 06518


EMail Career Resources Center