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Position Your Passion!

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Recently, I was having a real “heart to heart” talk with a friend of mine about how much of her weekend she had spent doing work for free. What really impressed me was the fact that she was the most exhausted, yet the happiest, I had ever seen her!

She works full time Monday – Friday. So, what’s this working for free thing, on top of her regular full time job? Why is she doing this? Because she loves what she is doing on the weekends. She is driven to make her career goal happen.

She is committed and has decided to “position her passion” to pave the way for a good paying job in that career as she builds her resume and gets more experience in this new career.

If you have decided what you really want to do for work, then you have to “position your passion” to score the job you want. You may have to work for free to make it happen and work hard, on your days off, for weeks, or even months at a time.

Just like in sports, you position yourself and your team to win. Just like in your career. You set up a game plan for your new career and you position yourself to win! It all starts with your passion and dedicating practice time to move into your new career.

Sound exhausting? Yes – it can be, but think about this: How tired are you when a friend calls and invites you to do something you really love to do and says they will treat you? How likely are you to get yourself together and rush out that door to meet him/her?

Same thing here: you are going to do something you love and it’s costs you nothing. On top of everything, you will have a great time doing what you love. See how easy this can be, when you look at it in a different light?

One key – you must LOVE what your passion is. Your motivation to do it for free and during your free time, will be much greater when you LOVE it.

So what do you think? Work for free on your time off, doing what you love? You just may reap some, or all, of the following rewards from doing it:

  • Make the “people” connection to find a paying job.
  • Gain the experience necessary to land a paying job.
  • Gain the confidence to make it happen.
  • Find the support to make it happen.
  • Learn the “ins and outs” of the specific industry to make it happen.

Eventually, you will get a paying job doing what you love because you have been able to “position your passion” to get you where you needed to be to make your dream job a reality.

Additional Food for thought: Many times volunteer/unpaid work leads to paid work!

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