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Know Your Interviewer

by Jobs 4 Grads Now

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It’s time to turn your attention to the person who will be conducting the first interviews.

Do some research and identify his or her interests. Next, review the interviewer’s career track. See where they’ve worked and in what capacities. And finally, research and review the hiring manager’s online profile so you better understand who he or she is and what makes them tick before the interview has even begun. That is not a problem, we learned that in the last step.

But what is important is to use this information as common denominators in your interview. For example: If you found that the interviewers hobby is canoing, buy a magazine on canoing and find a way to bring it up in the interview. It could be as simple as placing the magazine on top of your resume and letting him see it as you remove your resume. Trust me, he or she will ask you about it.

Remember that it is all about them and common denominators help to make it about them. Its simple human behavior. Why are your friends friends? Because you have a lot of common denominators or things you like in common. If you didn’t have common denominators they would be strangers. Make sure this employer is not a stranger.

Trust me, this will be time well-spent.

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