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Greg Welch – CVP Marketing Group

Greg Welch owns and leads the dynamic team at CVP Marketing Group Inc.
CVP Marketing Group formulates a firm’s marketing strategy by targeting customers and appropriate markets and responding to competition. They are specialists in creative video conceptualizations for marketing, internet, streaming, commercials, events, sports highlights, weddings and much more.

Greg Welch has resided in Athens, Georgia for most of the last 20 years. His passion for video began when his family got a small dvcam in 1994, he monopolized it and began to spend large amounts of time with the camera in his hand and then editing the video in Pinnacle. Greg went pro in Salt Lake City as a camera man with a professional video company.
He continued creating and editing videos for his church and being further inspired by his endeavors, went professional full time in the field of video production.

Setting up corporate headquarters in Athens, Georgia he began working with the local Athens business community. The quality of his companies work has led to high praises in TV, music videos, law firms and the Olympics.