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Promote Jobs 4 All Now and Jobs 4 Grads Now through your organization and Make Money for Your Charity or Cause!

It’s all about helping your members to find jobs. It’s a tough job market but it can be conquered.

Jobs 4 All Now and Jobs 4 Grads Now has an amazing 10 step system to help individuals seeking employment to find jobs or to upgrade their current jobs to new jobs more in their fields of expertise.

Think of all your organizations members you have spoken to who have expressed concerns either about their jobs or about finding a job. You have an opportunity to impact the lives of many of your members by offering an opportunity to get assistance in finding a job or getting a new one.

For each Jobs 4 All Now or Jobs 4 Grads Now Membership purchased through your organizations referral, You make money!
We have a generous revenue sharing model, beginning at 10% for every Jobs 4 All Now or Jobs 4 Grads Now Membership. We can pay you directly, contribute to your charity or cause, or purchase supplies or equipment for your organization.

How It Works:

  • Refer your organization’s members through email, newsletters and your website, or
  • Buy blocks of memberships at a discount and give or resell them to your members.
  • You will have a simple code that identifies your organization. Simply give the code to your referral to use when they sign up. That’s it. Simple.
  • We even provide everything you need including a range of email templates, text and video training.

So, become a Jobs 4 All Now or Jobs 4 Grads Now affiliate and make money while helping people to find jobs Become An Affiliate

If you would like to speak with us directly about partnering please contact Affiliate Director


  • It’s FREE! You incur $0 charges.
  • You make money when someone referred becomes a member.
  • You can help people to either get hired in a good job or to find better jobs than the ones they have.
  • Minimal Effort and Time Invested. There is nothing to build.
  • 24/7 Support. Real time traffic and commission tracking, complete back office reporting, complete templates, banners and links, and a massive video training library.


  • Unlimited usage of our 10 step system
  • Personalized Virtual Office
  • Personal Career Coaches
  • Job Listings
  • Resume Builders
  • Free Career Assessments
  • Massive Video & Audio Training Library
  • Webinars and Podcasts

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