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Napoleon Hill once said, “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”

Our mission is to help you to succeed in your career and finding that dream job.

We believe that, “Finding a Job Shouldn’t Be One!”

Just a Few Features of Membership:

  • Learn how to NETWORK for unadvertised openings.
  • A Satisfaction Guarantee. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.
  • Job postings specifically for your demographic.
  • Resume Builders to make your resume an interview magnet.
  • Take a Career Assessment and find the perfect career match.
  • Designed by professionals who’ve coached over 250,000 job seekers like you to find their dream jobs.
  • Find the ideal job that fits your major.
  • Play2Hire Scorecard for planning and tracking interviews.
  • An Easy to use 10-Step System to find your dream job … now!
  • An interactive game-like experience that evolves and changes as you complete each step of the program.
  • Get help fast through “rapid response” email.

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Our team is composed of some of the most highly sought after experts in the employment, networking and career coaching industries. Over 250,000 job seekers have already benefited from our educating, coaching and career guidance.

Meet the Team:

Bill Lins, CPC – CEO and Co-Founder
Brian Hilliard – Director of Networking

Debbie Benami-Rahm – Director of Development
Pete Foley – Director of Creative
Randall Whatley – Director of SEO
Jim Browning – Director Social Networking
Bonnie Lins, CPC – Director Employer Development
Marilyn Santiago – Associate Director Content

Germaine Curtin, ESQ – Legal Counsel

Greg Welch – Website Developer

Sales Department

Michael Solomon – National Account Executive