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10 Best Things You Can Do For Your Job Search Now!

by Debbie Benami-Rahm

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Each and every day, I receive at least 2 -3 calls or emails from people asking my advice on how to and where to start their job search. They are overwhelmed. They are scared. They are exhausted!

Here are 10 Simple Steps to Start Your Job Search now and get closer to a job interview:

  1. Make a list of industries that you want to work in. Narrow this list down to 3 financially sound industries.
  2. Identify 3 financially sound companies in each of these industries. You now have 9 companies you want to work for and that are in a hiring mode.
  3. Research job openings in each of the companies. Be sure that you are qualified for and want to apply to these positions.
  4. Search for a live personal connection in each of the 9 companies. (NOTE: Linked In is great for this)
  5. Research a direct phone number for each one of your personal connections.
  6. Call each contact on your list. If you get their voicemail, leave a message asking them to please return your call and include a convenient time for them when you can have 5 minutes of their time over the phone.
  7. Send an email to the same person, following the voicemail you have left, stating that you have left them a voicemail message and to please confirm receipt of the email.
  8. When speaking with your internal contact, ask: “What advice do you have for me on how I can get the opportunity to meet with either HR or the hiring manager for the position I have applied for within their company?”
  9. Follow up with a thank you email and follow up on their advice immediately.
  10. Do this for each job in each of the 9 companies and you will get to interview for the job you want.

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